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On this page you will find answers to questions you might have been wondering about and everything else you should know about me.

My occupational history began in 1984 as a working student in the development division for magnetic tape technics of the company AEG AG in Konstanz. 

After I was done with my degree dissertation I was hired by the marketing division for "magnetic tape technics" as a service engineer for Europe and various jobs overseas in October 1986. 

After the marketing division for magnetic tape technics was sold to Studer in the spring of 1989, I switched to Studer Revoc GmbH in Löffingen, Black Forest in May 1989, which was the German Studer representation back then.

After the branch was relocated from Löffingen, Black Forest to Berlin in the beginning of 1993, I worked as a service engineer for Studer in Baden-Württemberg for one more year.

Since 01/01/1994 I have been working as a freelance professional in the area of audio engineering. My working fields cover service, maintenance and reparation, as well as the sale of equipment new and used and spare parts.

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